Sunday, December 6, 2020

Not a Draft

I've had a blog for as long as blogs have been a thing, even though there are large gaps of time between posts. Sometimes that's because I'm unsure of myself and the post just gets deleted, and sometimes it's because I get myself all worked up and think I should just save the draft and revisit it the next day in a better frame of mind. And of course, I never do. The main point of this post is simply to do it. I am always trying to better myself, push myself, understand myself. So last week I came across this video on Facebook that talked about the "2-minute rule."

Sure, it's simple. But all week long I've been exchanging my usual nap for just "2 minutes" of _____. The nap is sometimes because I haven't slept well the night before, due to the absolute JOY that is menopause. Night sweats SUCK! But sometimes it's because I go to tackle a project and for whatever reason, I just shut down, hit a wall, something. And the only thing I think I can do is go lie down in the cool and dark of my bedroom, turn my fans up and my noise machine even upper, and have a great dream and then wake up with less day to deal with. So today I prepared for a nap, and instead I did "2 minutes of mask-making."

That is, making a Christmas face mask for my Nana, who is in a nursing home in Dallas, and making a couple of children's size masks to add to a pile that I'll be sending to a center for domestic violence that has put out word they are in need of more. 

This actually ended up taking several hours because I had to clean off my sewing desk, iron some fabric, and them improvise around a few errors in judgment (measuring of course). 

I also worked on some watercolor, practicing leaves to go with the poinsettia petals I worked on yesterday. I did this for quite awhile. But it all started with 2 minutes of intention and action. So now, having started with just 2 minutes (but working a little longer than that once I got started), I'm going to click "publish" instead of "save as draft."

Mask up. Better yet, stay home if you can!